Dr. Spiller Facials

Why choose Dr. Spiller?

Dr. Spilller Biocosmetic skin care is not just your ordinary cream in a bottle. Dr Spiller Biocosmetic combines the best natural ingredients with the patened Hydratain emulsion system to produce gentle, yet effective result.Our highly trained skin therapist will analyse your skin through a detailed face analysis. From there, we will tailor a unique facial to target your concerned areas.

Be assured that your skin will be looked after as we start off with a double cleanse, tone, exfoliation and skin extraction. We will carefully select a skin treatment serum to form the basis for our facial massage in order for your skin to be fully nourished, while effectively addressing your skin needs. This is followed by a treatment mask while you fall into the tranquillity of a neck, shoulder and scalp massage.


$160 (60mins)
Cleanse, deep exfoliating enzyme mask, extraction, treatment ampoules to help penetrate vitamins and active ingredients into the dermal layer of the skin, facial massage and a high performance mask.

$180 | Collagen Regenerative
$199 | Ultimate Bio Skin Face Lift
$199 | Ultimate Care & Repair
$199 | Cell Renewal Antioxidant
$160 | Age Repair Peel Off Treatment
$160 | Acne Control Peel Off Treatment
$199 | Whitening Peel Off Treatment
$160 | Anti Couperose Peel Off Treatment
$160 | Papaya Peel Off Treatment


$130 (45mins)
Cleanse, deep exfoliating enzyme mask, extraction, facial massage and a customised treatment mask.


$90 (30mins)
This highly effective facial is ideal for time restricted clients. It’s the perfect stepping stone to a full service facial, or a suitable ‘in-between’ treatment. Leaves your skin refreshed and nourished

You deserve the ultimate experience.

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