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You deserve the ultimate experience
You deserve the ultimate experience
Beauty and body care salon in St Kilda East where beautiful serenity awaits...


Visit us to unleash your exceptional and unique beauty

Beauty comes from being confident and comfortable within yourself.So, let us help you look your best.

Almost everyone wants that perfectly contoured look. Makeup, beauty treatments and regular pampering can completely change a person’s mood and the way they feel about themselves. This boost in confidence can magnify not only outer beauty but will help the personality and inner beauty shine.

In today’s Instagram era, we all want to look beautiful and captivating all the time, not only on special occasions. But beauty is something that requires care and pampering every day. However, with so much on your plate, it becomes difficult to find the time to squeeze in a day to really treat yourself.

This is where Revitalising Beauty Salon comes to the rescue.

We offer comprehensive, relaxing beauty services that are worth every cent. To rejuvenate and keep yourself energised and refreshed, it is crucial to dedicate some time to pampering yourself but, with so many responsibilities, it’s difficult to find the time to lay back and relax.

Looking confident with a professional touch is something everyone deserves, so why hesitate? Here is what we can do for you:

Time to relax

You are making room in your busy schedule for some salon time, so one of the most important things to keep in mind is that it should be a time of your own. It is time to push your stress aside for a moment.

Whether you come in for a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, Herbs2Peel, waxing or other beauty treatments, our specialists will help you feel completely content. Our specialists have profound knowledge and skills of the various pressure points of the body that require attention to release tension. Through gentle pressure, they will help you unwind from the stress of your busy schedule.

Healthy skin

Healthy skin and looking beautiful go hand in hand. Our beauty and how we present ourselves are a reflection of our health, and skin that isn’t being looked after can diminish self-confidence.

Skin is one of the first things people notice and, in all the nitty-gritty of a hectic life, we can forget to take care of the most important part of our body. Visiting a beauty lounge can help you achieve healthy and glowing skin.

If you’ve always wanted clear skin, we’ll have just the thing. We provide various skin treatments for both men and women that are tailored to ensure a deeply nourishing result that removes all the impurities that affect the skin’s surface and smoothness.


Feel your best with the best makeup. We’ll help you celebrate your beauty with our creativity and passion. Whether you’re going to a formal, party or wedding, our professional team is here to make sure you look and feel amazing as soon as you step foot in our St Kilda beauty lounge.

We can refine your look, keeping it natural yet elegant, or we can give you something dramatic and bold with our comprehensive beauty services that include lash-lifts, eyelash extensions and nail care treatments.

Our beauty salon in St Kilda is beautifully decorated and extends exceptional beauty services to everyone looking for a beauty lounge in Melbourne.

Quality products

It can be difficult to know which beauty products will be right for our skin, and using the wrong ones can prove to be harmful. Our beauty salon offers a wide range of quality products that are perfectly suitable for a wide range of skin types and tones. We’ll suggest the best products and treatments for your particular beauty concerns as well as give you advice on how to maintain the results or avoid future problems.

Revitalising Beauty Salon offers products and advice that can be difficult to find elsewhere. You can browse our site or visit our beauty lounge to learn more about our affordable beauty services.

Find your limelight

Beauty is more than being captivating and having a pretty face, and it takes more than a qualification to bring out the best in someone. Sure, all team members in our beauty lounge are qualified, trained and have profound skills, talents and product knowledge, but we believe our services are just the first step in highlighting your personality.

Contact us to learn more about our beauty services or visit our lounge in St Kilda, Melbourne!

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  •   Jessica Butz
      (rated 5.0, 9 months ago)

    I've had my lashes and eyebrows done by Kellie twice now and each time they have been perfect. She gives you her full attention and is a true perfectionist. I've had them done at a couple of places in Sydney but none have been as good, or have provided as good a service as Kellie.

  •   Samantha Stanway
      (rated 5.0, a year ago)

    I had my eyelashes refilled by Kelly and it was a great experience. She really took her time to make sure they were perfect. Best job i have ever had done! thank you Kelly!

  •   Clare Miles
      (rated 5.0, a year ago)

    Amazing eye lash lift, you can really see the difference and it lasts for two whole months. Kelly is ace.

  •   cassie williams
      (rated 5.0, a year ago)

    Kelly is awesome, attentive and an excellent masseuse .

  •   Farah-Lee Hoenders
      (rated 5.0, a year ago)

    had eyelash extensions - was a comfortable and easy process and they look very natural. Happy customer :)